Web Accessibility & Compliance Solution

If you’ve been assigned to the task of making sure your company website meets accessibility compliance standards laid out by the ADA, WCAG 2.1, Section 508 and EN 301549, you are in the right place!

Accessibility is extremely difficult and costly to achieve manually, however there is an affordable and reliable solution to ensure that your website complies with the law and offers an ideal solution for those who need it.

Insite Media Design has partnered with accessiBe™, a world leading AI-Powered web accessibility solution and the first and only fully automated web accessibility technology that complies with WCAG 2.1, ADA Section 508, AODA, EN 301549 and IS 5568 and keeps your website accessible at all times, even as new website content is added.

• Starting at $490/year with 7-day trial
• Takes up to 48 hours from initial installation for compliance
• Accessibility statement and certification of performance included
• Easy install with JavaScript code (DIY or hire Insite Media Design to install)

See How it Works: 3 Minute Video

Your website’s compliance with website accessibility regulations can have a big impact on your business, as failing to do so may bring you face-to-face with a lawsuit and you may be losing business of disabled visitors who are unable to use your website.

With accessiBe’s interface your website will allow any person with a disability to equally perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with your website and its tools AND your company will meet and stay compliant with ADA Section 508, WCAG 2.1, AODA, EN 301549 and IS 5568 standards.

accessible™  is trusted by and protecting over 7,500 small businesses and industry leaders including


Feature list in accessiBe

  • Fully accessibility of hidden elements that show only upon action
  • ALT tag building using image recognition technology
  • Complete adaptation to screen readers including role building
  • Forms accessibility including label matching and error handling
  • Full adjustment to keyboard navigation
  • Advanced keyboard navigation using letter shortcuts
  • Expression, slang, and phrases built-in dictionary
  • Built-in accessibility statement
  • Built-in accessible user guide
  • 10 built-in languages in the interface
  • Dynamic content accessibility (Ajax, Angular, React, Vue…)
  • Built-in feedback forms
  • Links and clickable elements accessibility
  • Font replacement to more readable fonts
  • Virtual keyboard for Motor impairments
  • Modify spacing and alignments including letters and rows
  • Titles and buttons accessibility
  • Quick skip to the main content and other areas
  • Specialized quick navigation for the blind and Motorically impaired
  • Emphasis focuses upon keyboard navigation or mouse hovering
  • Icons accessibility including close, next and previous
  • Align content to the left, right, center or justify
  • Page title hierarchy fixing
  • Comprehensive tables accessibility
  • Keyboard navigation including dropdowns
  • Change cursor to big black or big white
  • Customize interface size and position
  • Change title and text colors
  • Contrast alteration: lighten, darken, inverse or grayscale
  • Display and emphasize of image descriptions
  • Hide images and background images (distracting elements)
  • Animations halt including GIFs, Videos, CSS, and more
  • Read-only mode
  • Accessible printing
  • Adjust font sizes