Progressive Grower: 100 Page Product Catalog

Insite Media Design is proud to showcase our ongoing collaboration with Progressive Grower, a leading name in the commercial growing industry. Since the inception of the first edition in 2018, we have been entrusted with the design and layout of Progressive Grower’s Grower Resource Catalogs, a comprehensive 100-page catalog that serves as an essential resource for commercial growers across the USA.

The product catalog encompasses a broad array of grower products, including farm equipment, greenhouse and irrigation equipment, and organic soil amendments. It’s not only a catalog, but a testament to the commitment and dedication of Progressive Grower to cater to the evolving needs of their customers.

One useful feature of this project is the inclusion of advertisements by various commercial grower companies. These strategically placed ads not only add value to the catalog but also help offset the project costs for Progressive Grower. It’s a win-win scenario, where our design work serves as a powerful promotional tool for the featured products while aiding in cost management for our client.

Our design team has meticulously crafted the catalog using Adobe InDesign, ensuring that each page displays professionalism and showcases the products in the best possible light. The final printed product is a testament to our attention to detail, quality, and dedication to meeting our client’s needs. We work closely with the client’s chosen local printer to ensure a seamless production process, culminating in a top-notch catalog that is visually appealing and useful for PG’s customers throughout USA.

The catalog’s flexibility is another key aspect of our work, as we adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the commercial growing industry. Every year, we seamlessly incorporate new products, update pricing information, and replace advertisements as needed. This ensures that the catalog remains a relevant and valuable resource for commercial growers nationwide.

Progressive Grower distributes the catalogs to a wide spectrum of customers, ranging from large commercial farms to small market growers and greenhouse operators across the USA. The catalog not only serves as a reference guide but also encourages customers to explore products on, a website that Insite Media Design also had the privilege of developing. This seamless integration between print and online resources further enhances the customer experience.

At Insite Media Design, we take immense pride in our ongoing partnership with Progressive Grower. Our collaboration exemplifies how design, functionality, and print media can come together to create a tangible and digital resource that not only serves the needs of the commercial growing industry, but also promotes growth and innovation within it. We look forward to continuing to support Progressive Grower in its mission to provide the best grower equipment and resources for commercial growers, and we are excited about the journey ahead.


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