5 reasons to keep your wordpress updated


Don’t let your WordPress website updates fall behind!


Read on and learn why it’s crucial to keep your WP website’s backend updated … and how it can effect your business if you don’t!

1. Security Vulnerabilities

Outdated WordPress versions, themes, and plugins will leave your website vulnerable to malware injection – resulting in spammy content, loss of website functionality, search engine penalities, downtime and more.

If your website is infected with malware, visitors and Google will perceive your business as untrustworthy and unsafe.

✅ Regularly updating your plugins is an essential part of maintaining a healthy and successful WordPress Website.

2. SEO Effects

Google prioritizes secure websites, and having up-to-date plugins and themes contributes to better SEO rankings.

Negative SEO impact will result in lower search engine rankings, decreased organic traffic, and a diminished online presence for your business.

✅ It’s essential to regularly update your themes and plugins to ensure the best possible SEO performance.

3. Improved Performance

Outdated plugins and themes can lead to slow loading times and visitor abandonment.

Slow loading times and compatibility issues can lead to a high bounce rate and lost potential customers for your business.

✅ By ensuring fast loading times, you can improve user experience, increase engagement, and maximize your chances of converting visitors into customers.

4. WordPress Compatibility

Outdated WordPress core software, themes and plugins lead to compatibility issues – causing conflicts, errors, broken layouts, misplaced elements, missing functionality and even site crashes.

Fixing compatibility issues is an additional expense to businesses, because it requires the expense of hiring a WP professional.

✅ By staying up to date, you’ll maintain the integrity and functionality of your website’s front end, providing visitors with a great experience.

5. Enhanced Features & Functionality

The newest versions of WordPress, plugins and themes offer bug fixes, design and layout enhancements and new features.

Outdated features and functionality can make your website appear outdated and less competitive.

✅ Staying updated offers the latest features to enhance your online presence and meet the evolving needs of your audience

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