tour guide one page website shown on all devices

Georg of Ingolstadt Tours in Ingolstadt, Germany needed a small website for his start-up guided-tour business. Having only limited written content and a small amount of images, we suggested a one page website that splits content into sections, removes UI clutter, and is easy for users to digest.

Why a one page website?

First, single page websites, also known as single page applications (SPA) are affordable and perfect for startups who have very little content –  just like Ingolstadt Tours’ situation. With no additional pages, visitors enjoy a linear navigation flow that moves them in succession to the call to action (CTA).

Here are the advantages one page websites and why it could be useful for your small business:

  • Fast and responsive.
  • No page reloads and no extra time for waiting.
  • Linear and intuitive user experience
  • No clutter
  • Better Conversions
  • Cost effective

Another advantage of having a one page website is that there is usually only one action to be taken by the user (fill out contact form, book a tour, download an ebook etc). Studies show that having a single page can lead to increased conversions (>37.5%) than multi-page sites because users move through it more quickly, with nowhere to get lost or distracted.

If you have a small business and are on a small budget, a one page website may be a good fit for your business. Call Darlene at Insite Media Design today at 508-685-9042 to learn more!